100% Hygiene Assured

Safe and Comfortable go hand-in-hand

Delicacies will find their way on your plate when you stay at Youthville.

No excuse for postponing laundry day.

Pass quality time being productive

Get the best connectivity for all your work.

Rooms that feel like home.

Come Stay at Home; Away from Home!

Join a family of like-minded youngsters who are working professionals, and be a part of a beloved community at Youthville. With your rooms and meals sorted, all that you really have to focus on is yourself - your routine, your work, your goals.

Affordable living that fits perfectly with your lifestyle!

Single | Double | Triple Bed Occupancy

1 Month Security Deposit

Complete amenities - From Storage to Hot Water

Come home, Come to Youthville

We are at

Rooms like yours back at home -
or better!

Fitted with Air-conditioning, a cosy bed, storage, bathroom with hot running water - Youthville rooms are made for comfort. From working late till sleeping in on the weekends, you get everything you need!

Live in a space dedicated to you. From wifi to a laundromat, 100% comfort and efficiency are guaranteed.

We have a meal plan which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner for our residents. Get your fruits and veggies in - stay healthy!

From work to fun, build your own world that’s suited to your preferences at Youthville.

The Common Room that Hogwarts is jealous of!

From breaking a sweat at the fitness zone to breaking the record for most time spent on a bean bag - it’s your common area and whatever you need, it’s got you sorted!



Play Zone


AV Room

YV Shuttle

Fight against Covid-19

Each of our staff members is vaccinated, the cleanliness standard is impeccable and we request all our residents to be vaccinated too. Standing strong together is the only way we can fight this virus and its variants. With strict Covid guidelines in place issued by CDC, we are ready to serve you.

Q. What to Look for in a Hostel in Pune?

Looking for that missing sock is easier than looking for the things a Hostel accommodation in Pune must have. With fully-furnished rooms, wifi, food, AC, power backup and other amenities, you'd think you're sorted, right? Lol. Far from it. That sounds hard enough. But it's when you have to take this checklist to every Hostel or PG in Pune to review it, that you realise how difficult it really is. But you can leave all that hassle behind when you come to Youthville Hostel in Pune. Over here, we know everything that you need for a memorable stay. Even before you do. The only place where your needs are better understood is home. That's why Youthville Hostel is called your second home in Pune.

Q. How Good are the Facilities of a PG Accommodation in Pune?

The very fact that you have to ask this question means you're not sure about staying in a PG room or Hostel in pune And why would you be, when you have the option of a Youthville Hostel.

Q. Explore best PGs across most popular localities of Pune?

PG in pune Karve nagar, Girls Hostel in Pune , PG in pune Ambegoan, Boys Hostel in Pune

Q. Which Are the Best Hostel for Girls in Pune?

There are many, but even the best PG for girls in Pune is still, just a PG. So why bother spending your precious time looking for one, when a Youthville Hostel’s right here, waiting to become your second home.
1. Youthvile Ambegaon
2. Youthville Karve Nagar

Q. How is Youthville Hostel’s Different from Local PGs Near me?

So here's the thing. There are many PGs in Pune, each believing that it's the best one for you. But we claim to be more than a PG. We believe Youthville Hostel is your second home in Pune . And that's what really makes us different from other PG.


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